Black Tie Bingo - A Posh Way to Raise Big Bucks

Black Tie Bingo - A Posh Way to Raise Big Bucks

Written by: kelly on 14/11/2011 16:30

Earlier in the year we caught wind of a new style of bingo fundraiser called Black Tie Bingo. Since the initial event we’ve not had chance to check in on the success of the evening but today we had a quick peak and were amazed by the results.


The initial event has spawned a series of brand new fundraisers aimed at wealthy donors and patrons in aid of various worthy causes. These could be hospitals, youth groups, national charities or societies which need to raise money using high profile events.

High Class Bingo Fundraising

As bingo is the hottest fundraising activity at the moment many of these societies have began utilizing the games popularity. Unlike your local bingo hall these events are often hosted in lavish hotels or stately homes and are strictly a black tie affair.

The prizes on offer are supplied by sponsors much like smaller scale charity bingo games. However these prizes match the location and attire required to attend the event. They range from brand new gadgets like iPad 2’s to all inclusive holidays to exotic locations.

Raising money

The fundraising team will sell premium tickets to these events, with tickets costing hundreds of pounds each just to attend. The guests are happy to pay as it’s for a good cause and an ideal way to socialize with like minded people.

As the name suggest these social fundraisers include games of bingo as well as auctions and other formal ways to contribute to the cause.

Black Tie Bingo seems to be the hippest way to raise money these days, we’ll be sure to look out for more events in the UK as our American cousins are all over this new craze at the moment.


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