Birthday Blowout At Tidy Bingo

Birthday Blowout At Tidy Bingo

Written by: Nenad Ninic on 11/08/2014 07:15
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Get your party hats on everyone and be prepared for the some impressive birthday celebrations from an online bingo brand. Tidy Bingo have almost reached the ripe old age of one years of age, and because they are so excited about their first year anniversary they are hosting a night bursting with party games for you to enjoy in their Birthday Blowout promotion.

Reaching this milestone, Tidy Bingo wants to show their thanks and appreciation to all their loyal players by using traditional themed party games and combining them with bingo, to give the night a real party feel. And of course, this brand loves nothing more than a reason to come up with new and original ideas for promotions, so what better way than to throw a party for their very own birthday.

So make sure you are in Tidy’s exclusive standalone room the Tidy Cupboard on 19th August where you can join in with all the fun and games that the night has to offer.

To kickstart the evening off is the usual Tidy And The Troops game with a £50 guaranteed jackpot, next is:

Pin The Tail On The Donkey from 7pm – 8pm

Pick two numbers in this chat game, one being the donkey the other being the tail, when both numbers are called type ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ to win 1,000 chat points.

Pass The Parcel from 8pm – 9pm

Loads of great prizes up for grabs in this traditional party game. Each player will be allocated a set of numbers at the beginning of the game, when bingo is called the number that it was called on will determine which player gets to remove a layer of the virtual parcel, the game continues until the last layer is removed to reveal a very special prize.

Happy Birthday Tidy Bingo from 9pm – 10pm

In this game the numbers 21, 8 and 13 (Tidy’s birth date) are those ones you are waiting for, be the first to type ‘Happy Birthday Tidy’ to win 1,000 chat points.

Guaranteed Jackpot Game at 10pm

This very impressive jackpot game sees a prize kitty of £150 in this one off special cards for the game are just 25p each.

Pass The Parcel from 10pm – 11pm

Another round of Pass The Parcel, with more great prizes to be given away.

Its definitely going to be a night to remember in the Birthday Blowout at Tidy Bingo with so much fun to enjoy and prizes to win you’d be mad to miss it!

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