Bingo.com Results Improve And Rank Reaps The Rewards Of Full House Halls

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 26/08/2010 08:55
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There are many different factors one can use when considering the current state of the economy and while we don’t believe that bingo performance is a precise barometer of consumer spending it does give some indication as to the state of economic affairs. In particular, it can be seen as a reasonable guide of how willing the average punter is to spend their money in bingo halls or at online bingo sites especially as gaming of this type is usually considered a luxury that tails off when there is less expendable income around.

Bingo.com has posted some awful results in the past couple of years, in line with vastly reduced consumer spending and also in line with the rise in taxes and the smoking ban. However, its most recent results have shown improvement in some key areas and there are signs of greater potential for the future as their new business plan gains a head of steam.

The site moved over to the Unibet gaming platform meaning the equivalent of a $2.25m equity investment in the company and CEO Tarnie Williams has said that this will help them achieve growth and expansion in the future.

Rank Entertainment, owners of Mecca Bingo clubs as well as various other entertainment venues, have reported that their bingo halls have seen a 0.4% rise in visitor numbers as new refurbished and upgraded Mecca Full Houses attract a younger and louder audience with more lively games, improved food, and a bar at the front of the club.

Chief executive Ian Burke has indicated that around half of the company’s 103 bingo halls have the potential and area to be turned into one of the new clubs and the success so far means that you should expect to see more Full House bingo halls soon.

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