Bingo Worker’s Unique Christmas Display

Bingo Worker’s Unique Christmas Display

Written by: ava carson on 10/12/2011 14:55

Decorating for the holidays can be quite an undertaking and Sylvia Pope, 68 of Swansea is busy as one of Santa’s helpers preparing for Christmas day. She decorates her ceiling with 1,700 ornaments, a task that begins in late September.

While most people climb the ladder once to put the star atop the Christmas tree, this Castle Bingo worker climbs the ladder several times a day. Her ornaments are from all over the world with an additional £100 worth to her collection every year.

Some of her most precious baubles were bought at Harrods in London and cost £14 each. Like a child on Christmas morning opening presents, Sylvia was awestruck at the selection of ornaments at Macy’s in New York when on holiday. She purchased 30 new decorations and brought them home in a special new carrying bag. It was by far her best shopping experience ever.

She said: “I've got some little fairy lights in the corners of the room, on the hearth and out in the conservatory - but the balls on the ceiling are the main feature. It's just nice and cosy for Christmas.”

It is getting harder for her to individually pin each ornament to the ceiling by climbing the ladder and is considering leaving them up the whole year through.

For this bingo worker, the progressive jackpot takes on a brand new meaning with her ever growing collection of baubles.

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