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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/08/2009 07:00
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Online bingo is one of the booming industries in the field of gaming today. Nevertheless, a lot of bingo players are still playing the live version of the game for various reasons, one being that they are still not familiar with how online bingo works. Now thanks to the series of William Hill Bingo tutorials, more and more people are learning how to play online bingo. It has become easier for people who aren’t that computer literate to know the ins and outs of online bingo.

The new William Hill Bingo tutorial is a very simple and easy to use step-by-step lesson that enables anyone who loves to play bingo online. This is a great way to welcome those non online bingo players to the world of online bingo. They are starting to learn about the basics of online bingo, the promotions that one can join and of course, the amazing tournaments and competitions to be had at online bingo.

There are five easy steps to take for this new William Hill Bingo tutorial. Let’s discuss them very briefly starting with opening an online bingo account. The first thing that the tutorial discusses is how to open a bingo account and it reminds you that only one person can play per unique IP address. All you have to do is to make a small deposit through William Hill’s safe and secure transaction software and as soon as you’re done, you’re ready to start playing online bingo. No need to verify emails and there’s no misleading terms and conditions that come along with the registration.

When you’re done signing up for a bingo account, you need to choose a bingo room to join. And once you’ve selected one, just wait for the next available game to start. Usually, games start every after a few minutes. So you won’t have to wait that long. While you wait, start purchasing the bingo tickets for the game of your choosing. Usually, the bingo tickets can be purchased individually or by six’s.

Once you’ve purchased your tickets, all you have to do is to wait for the game to start. You can chat with the other players while you wait. Alternatively, you can also try out William Hill’s mini games while waiting for the bingo game.

When you’re already playing and you see yourself getting a full house, you don’t have to press any claim button nor shout bingo or house. William Hill Bingo’s system automatically detects if you’re a winner and will credit your prize into your account right after your win! It’s that simple! You’re done!

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