Bingo turned a granny’s life around:

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 13/02/2008 19:00

Debt is something that was troubling grandmother Jeanette for a long time because of her regular, weekly visits to a bingo hall. Her bingo hall visits that started out reasonably under control suddenly spiraled out of control; and this is what changed her life for her.


The 60 year old grandmother from Kilmarnock says that the first time that she had played bingo, she had won 360 pounds. Things were running okay then. However one day, when she say her son-in-law with a pile of 1 pound coins, things started changing for the worse for her.


This is because on seeing those coins that her son-in-law had won on a fruit machine, she had also started playing too. Soon, she got so addicted to the game, that she wouldn’t play bingo till she had a minimum of 50 and then 100 pounds. She would start playing on the machine vowing to spend 20 pounds, but only end up getting 200 pounds poorer.


With this loss, she grew so ashamed of herself that she cut her relations with her family. Within a short span of time, she had a debt of 13,000 pounds. However she found it difficult to get help for her financial problems as it is relatively difficult for a woman, mum and granny to seek help as she knows that she shouldn’t be doing this.


However after some time, she couldn’t tolerate it anymore and got help wherein Gam-Anon saved her life.  


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