Bingo Street Introduces All New Side Bets

Bingo Street Introduces All New Side Bets

Written by: Jeannie on 06/11/2011 08:55
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The team over at 888 Towers has been pretty busy of late, rolling out various features including their wildly popular side bets on 888 Ladies. In fact, the new games have been so well received that other sites which the company owns is receiving them too. The latest is Bingo Street which has rolled out some hot off the press side bets of their very own.


The Side bet concept

We like to think that side bets are similar to bet in play bets you’d have on sports events except you are betting on something that could happen during a bingo game. This includes whether the next number will be higher or lower, betting whether the last number will be odd or even and even the most frequent colour called during the entire game. This done’t affect the outcome of the bingo game itself, but instead offers an extra element of optional excitement.

Five games to bet on….

There are two different types of games, with each offering a variety of options. The win the race game is split into two categories, the short and long race. For the short race you bet on the colour or letter, guessing which one will be most frequent in a predetermined number of balls. The long race works in a similar way apart from the guess accounts for the entire game, no matter how many balls that may be.

Bet the balls, as the name suggests, requires a bet based on different balls. You can bet on the value of a specific ball, whether it will be odd or even, bet on a colour of a call and even bet whether a ball will be higher or lower than a given number.

It sounds complicated when written in blog form but take it from us it’s a very simple process, and one which we think will go down like a house on fire at Bingo Street

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