Bingo Speed Dating Room

Bingo Speed Dating Room

Written by: ava carson on 29/02/2012 07:35
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It’s a new era of dating and what was once considered taboo or “desperate” to seek romance online has now become a very acceptable way to find true love. There are definite advantages in the virtual world of dating and a great opportunity to meet that kindred spirit. 

Today there are many dating services where members pay a fee to meet that special someone in their lives. But at Bingo Cams they are deliciously romantic and anxious to play match maker in the Bingo Speed Dating room.

Bingo Cams adds a more personal dimension to their site where players and chat moderators have the option to use live webcams. Integrating bingo and utilizing webcams brings a whole new level to socializing. The dynamics of the bingo community is a strong one and connecting to players through a live cam only strengthens it.

At 9pm on Wednesday 29th February the Bingo Speed Dating room will be hosted by Roxy who will play Cupid. Everyone is welcome to join but space is limited with a max capacity of 60 members.

There are 33% males to 67% females at Bingo Cams and the dating idea came from Vikki Taylor, Marketing manager who had commented: “Bingocams has always understood the importance of the community aspect to bingo and our speed dating room is another fun way to help bring our players together, and who knows we might see our first Bingocams marriage!”.

Bingo Cams goes one step beyond the ordinary bingo site taking players to a brand new way to play and mingle.


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