Bingo Sky Sends Winners to Vegas

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/10/2009 21:57

I think we are probably all in agreement that Las Vegas is the gambling Mecca of the world. We are also more than likely in agreement over the fact that it is the one city in the world we wouldn’t give second thought to being offered a way to get there, we would say, “yes please”. With Bingo Sky this hypothetical situation can become a reality, because every month in their casino promotions, one lucky winner gets to take to the air and enjoy a 7 night stay in this city of cities.

Last months winner was lucky “madonna” with a fantastic aggregate winnings of $363,806.60! So not only did they find themselves with massive winnings in their back pocket, but they are also being sent to Las Vegas with the compliments of the site. The prize consists of flights, seven nights’ bed and breakfast accommodation in the Vegas Club Hotel, and taxes. When you have just won over $360 000I hardly think that finding pocket money is going to be an issue, do you?

In September this prize goes to the player who has won the most, in the case of a tie the prize will go to the winner who has wagered the most during the course of the month. Every month the criteria for this competition remain the same so every player knows what is expected of them to win. The competition closes on the 30th September and the winner is called on the 1st October for all arrangements to be made. Next month the same competition will be running again at Bingo Sky, and it could be your turn to win. The only way to win this prize is if you try, so become a member of the site and see if you have what it takes to keep up with the Vegas high rollers.

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