Bingo SKY – Chat Games and Champions

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/10/2009 17:58

Bingo Sky has recently introduced a whole new chat game line-up to their already busy schedules, but as chat games are so much fun, the more we have to play, the better. Chat games are the best to break the ice in chat rooms, get the roomies participating in these and soon everyone will be chatting madly and getting to know each other. They are also great for earning extra prize money, and every little bit counts, in the effort to make our bingo budget go that much further.

The new line-up includes Mini Specials and Nightly Specials all playing in new time slots in different rooms on different days, so they have mixed things up to keep these games fresh and new for everyone. There are some instructions you have to follow to get into chat rooms at this site, so go to the game schedule and access this information.

The newest Bingo Sky Champions have been announced and you will find congratulations and their pictures posted at the site in the Newsletter. These championship games saw “Magsie” coming up trumps as the Gold Medal Winner and she won £1,000.00 in Cash. The Silver medal went to “Whozadonut” and I’ll bet they don’t feel like such donut now that they have an extra £500 in their back pocket. Bronze Medal Winner “Skyeman” got £250 in Cash, and all the players who participated and won more than 50 games, each won credits of £25!!

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