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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 15/11/2009 16:39

As part of the Think Bingo family, Bingo Scotland is quite an interesting site. It is purpose built to provide a bingo home for Scots, but there is nothing dictating you have to be Scottish to play here. I mean they don’t make you show your passport before you play or anything like that. Many people enjoy playing on this site, and you can see they are from all over the UK, as the map of the British Isles on the front page flashes in the area where and when a win has taken place.

This site is also a welcome home to visit when you are an ex-pat Scot, and many people play here, just to get that homely Scottish feeling when they are hundreds or even thousands of miles away, living in another country. Bingo Scotland is very like Think bingo in the promotions, prizes and bonuses they have on offer, so you know if you play here, you are onto a good thing.

The pre-buy games have the most fantastic prizes going; in iPhone Insanity members can win an 8GB iPhone or iPod Nano, on Thursdays for 50p per ticket at 8pm, with a minimum buy-in of two tickets. Game Goodies features Playstations, Sony PSP’s or Nintendo DS’s, and this is on Fridays. Laptops are up for grabs on Saturdays in Happy Lappy, and in a Sunday the treat of the day is a 32” LCD TV in TV Treats, and these are just the 8pm pre-buy games, there are loads more games to play.

One of the most distinctive games at Bingo Scotland is definitely the coverall peak, in this game the prize money starts at £1000, climbs to £5,000, and then to £10,000 all in the same fun-filled evening, with a minimum guaranteed prize money of £500.

Bingo Scotland

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