Bingo Scam in Ohio

Bingo Scam in Ohio

Written by: ava carson on 27/11/2011 12:35

Bingo halls in the US are only permitted if benefiting a charity or a worthy cause with exception to bingo in land based casinos. That is why there are so many bingo halls held in churches or Veteran halls.

Thomas Jacob, Marlene Jacob and David Jacob of Frazeysburg Ohio thought they were above the law and withheld donations and bingo proceeds to bingo workers at the expense of the Excel Academy.

The Attorney General, Mike DeWine filed a suit against the perpetrators for allegedly for paying workers and themselves.

"The law requires that all proceeds from bingo games in Ohio must benefit a charitable purpose," DeWine said. "By allegedly taking money to pay themselves and other workers, the defendants took money intended to benefit the students of Excel Academy. This lawsuit will seek to recover those funds for the academy and its students."

The lawsuit is asking for compensatory and punitive damages as well as prohibiting the defendants from soliciting any charitable organizations in Ohio.

Bingo workers donate their time and it is illegal to pay them in the state of Ohio with all proceeds to go to a charitable cause.

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