Bingo Regulations in South Africa

Bingo Regulations in South Africa

Written by: ava carson on 08/05/2012 12:50

Minister Rob Davies said a clear national strategy is needed for combating and eradicating illegal gambling in a cohesive manner with law enforcement agencies, spokesperson Sidwell Medupe said in a statement.

The National Gambling Board has been asked to prepare a plan of action on curbing illegal gambling, the statement said.

The public will be urged to participate in public hearings to ensure that voices will be heard on matters pertaining to gambling in the country.

Regulation of bingo is an element considered within the Gambling Review Commission report by Parliament.
Davies pronounced that the regulation of bingo will be subsumed in the broader review process, pending public consultations by the NCOP.

"This will inform [the department] on how the country would proceed with a national policy and regulatory framework for bingo as a whole, a moratorium on the issuance of all automated bingo due must be halted," he said

Without a national policy and regulatory framework for automated bingo that determines the number of licenses and play position will undermine the country's efforts to build a coherent and harmonised gambling regulatory regime's.

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