Bingo Prizes Being Paid Out In Wakefield Jail

Bingo Prizes Being Paid Out In Wakefield Jail

Written by: Glo Wood on 06/12/2012 17:05

The UK Government is in the midst of an investigation into bingo payouts from Wakefield's top security jail. Bosses are accused of handing out thousands of pounds in prizes to inmates.

Wakefield houses some of the most brutal killers in the United Kingdom and they’re playing bingo on the inside receiving in excess of £4000 in cash prizes.

According to authorities in the jail, these bingo prizes provide a sense of encouragement for the inmates to become active in "regime activities". Despite this, Prisons Minister Jeremy Wright has moved forward with a full investigation into paying prisoners cash prizes.

Prisons Minister Jeremy Wright said: "I want the public to have confidence in the prison system. That is why I am currently reviewing a range of prisoner activities and privileges to ensure there are clear operational reasons for them. We will be asking some tough questions about whether these sorts of prizes are actually appropriate for prisoners."

TaxPayers’ ­Alliance chief Matthew Sinclair said: “Prison is about taking responsibility for your actions, not gambling on the bingo.

"Prison should involve rehabilitation but not cash prizes.”

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by: okinman over 9 years ago
Just when I think I've heard of every type of bingo, here comes this story. In theory, I have no problem with the prisoners playing bingo and/or winning prizes. I would think that the cash that is being paid out would perhaps go to pay restitution, not just to bankroll more bingo for the inmates. In the ongoing investigation, will it really matter what the money was used for? I think that would have some bearing on whether the cash prizes are appropriate for prisoners.

The more I think about it, the more attractive this prison bingo game is becoming to me. I mean, here's a place you can go where they'll feed you, take care of your healthcare, provide a place to stay AND you can play bingo and win money while there? Sounds like a retirement plan in the making!

I am not sure where the funds to provide the bingo prizes originate. Are they being provided by private funds or prison funds? Are the taxpayers bankrolling the prison bingo games? Seems this would be a good start to the Prisons Minister's review of the bingo game activity. If rehabilitation can result from playing bingo, it seems like a good thing. The players are not going anywhere. They might as well try their luck at getting a BINGO.