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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 04/12/2008 23:15
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It has been found that many online bingo players also enjoy playing poker, we have seen this on Bet 365 and now we are seeing it on Bingo Playground. The correlation between playing bingo and card games has always been strong, so this online bingo site is offering players the opportunity to walk away with hundreds of pounds in bingo bonus points for playing party poker. All you have to do is select six numbers; this is your poker hand, look out for the first six numbers called at the beginning of the game and if the numbers in your poker hand come up you win BBs in proportionate amounts. This game pays up to £50 worth of BB’s for a good poker hand.

Buy six cards at Bingo Playground and you will receive three free cards, but to qualify for this offer you have to have a funded minimum balance in your account amounting to £10. They offer Supper Time fixed pots of £30 every evening in the ninety ball bingo room where one line earns £5, two lines wins £10 and a full house will win you £15. In this game if you buy six cards you receive six free of charge and games cost 25p.

The Bingo Playground Dracula's Coffin Tournament chat game sees the vampires coming to get us, you have to select two numbers and if your numbers come in, quickly type “kiss my neck”. This is the key to crack Dracula’s code and save yourself from his lethal bite. You earn one stake for every time you crack the code and the winners at the end of the tourney are the three people who have the most stakes in their possession. Each winner receives free BB’s and the person in first place gets £15 worth of these. This game is great fun to play.

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