Bingo Playground, Whacky Wednesday Special

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 12/10/2009 19:17

Bingo Playground has the reputation of being one of the most playful online bingo sites in the UK, and as they have such a solid reputation to look after, they have to make sure that they keep on their toes. This Week Angela has been busy making sure members are going to be kept well occupied when they play in the Whacky Wednesday special. Make sure you make a note of the time, it is 9 – 11pm!

There are kitchen appliance deposit bonuses of between 150 and 200% available. But unfortunately, something has been going wrong with all of Angela’s appliances, her toaster blew up and the kettle won’t work, so you have to help her to fix them. Here’s how you do this – all deposits of £20 receive the whopping big toaster bonus of 150%, but if you go big and deposit £30, you get the kettle bonus too and this is 200%. This is going to make sure Angela can get her appliances repaired.

Claim these bonuses at Bingo Playground by submitting a ticket entitled “Kitchen Appliance Bonus”, as simple as that. Playing bingo has never been more exciting! However if you deposit £50, you can submit a ticket claiming “I fixed Angela’s Toaster Bonus” and you receive an additional tenner, absolutely free and gratis. You will have fixed her toaster, but the fund doesn’t end with this. It goes on and on with the Kitchen Mania Tournament. Play at the same place at the same time and win tons of pounds worth of BB’s extra. See the site for details of this game, because it needs to be fully understood. You can also play “Who Dunnit” where you have to guess who broke the appliances and the first three correct entries win a tenner each. So this Wednesday evening take part in the fun at Bingo Playground and you will go home a winner.


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