Bingo Playground present...Bingo Lotto!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 25/02/2010 19:00

Bingo Playground are combining two exciting games of chance and luck into one this month, in their ‘Bingo Lotto’ special. If you’re a fan of online bingo but have never had any luck playing the Lottery, then this bingo promotion is for you.

How to play
All you have to do is choose six lucky numbers, and email them to the lovely people at Bingo Playground. Then, head over to chat this Friday 26th February to find out if you’ve won! If any of your six lucky numbers are called within the first 10 balls of the game, then it’s likely that you’ve won a brilliant bingo bonus prize (BBz)!

Here’s what you can win:

• 1 number - £1 BBz
• 2 numbers - £3 BBz
• 3 numbers - £5 BBz
• 4 numbers - £10 BBz
• 5 numbers - £25 BBz
• 6 numbers - £50 BBz

Claim your prize
Once you spot that any of your lucky numbers have come up, simply type your numbers into chat, followed by the word ‘claim’. Then you get on with spending your BBz on more of your favourite Bingo Playground online bingo games!


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