Bingo Players Use Superstitions and Charms to Boost Chances

Bingo Players Use Superstitions and Charms to Boost Chances

Written by: Jeannie on 16/02/2011 18:35

You might want to throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder and chase away any black cats before reading this, because it seems that bingo players are a suspicious lot at heart.

Lucky Seats, Lucky Charms and Superstitions

It seems that a high percentage of bingo players now take along a small trinket or piece of jewellery that once seemed to bring them luck, and which has now become an unmissable part of their daily bingo playing routine every time they fancy a game.

One fairly popular superstition is of not wishing to hear the phrase “good luck”, which is believed to have quite the opposite effect upon those bingo players who hear it said to them. Other players like to catch a glimpse of their favourite staff member before starting to play, or have to choose their lucky seat.

Whether these techniques work or not is highly dubious, but then superstitions and such beliefs have always been based more on some sort of inner need for something to believe in than in sound facts and common sense.

The research in question was done by www.uticaod.com on US players at real bingo halls, where green Buddha statues and jade elephants are among the good luck charms used, which leads us to ask two questions.

Are UK players as superstitious as their American cousins, and does playing online bingo free you from these rites, or do many of you sit with your computer desk lined up with statues, pictures and other good luck bringers? Ok, that was 3 questions but we thought that only asking 2 might be unlucky ;)

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