Bingo Player Thanks Gala Bingo after Mum Dies

Bingo Player Thanks Gala Bingo after Mum Dies

Written by: ava carson on 26/01/2012 15:25

There is a has been a lot of news reports recently on Williamina Cornes, 66 who collapsed at Gala Bingo and was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Bingo players were shocked and disappointed that the caller continued with the games without any interruption as she lay on the floor unconscious.

While there was overwhelming support for the woman who perished and anger at Gala Bingo’s policy that states that the show must go on, there was woman who had full support for the club’s action to proceed.

Linda McKee, the daughter who was in the bingo hall when her mum collapsed clearly had a greater understanding than most and open mind during the tragic moments. She stated that Gala Bingo was a “great help” adding: “The staff looked after me very well until the paramedics arrived. So thanks again, Gala staff.”

It comes as surprise that McKee wasn’t quick to point fingers and blame someone while under such extreme circumstances. Other bingo players who were present at the time were not as understanding or forgiving and felt it was morally wrong to continue the bingo session without a pause.

The bingo caller followed procedure in a policy that states that no matter what is happening inside the hall the numbers must continue to be called. As a staff member he did what was correct according the rules. But the question remains, was it morally right.

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