Bingo Player Steals To Fund Habit

Bingo Player Steals To Fund Habit

Written by: ava carson on 13/12/2011 13:15

Addiction of any kind produces a cause and effect that can ruin their integrity. Barbara Taylor is an example of tarnishing a reputation that may have very well been exemplary if not for her bingo addiction.

Temptation and irrational thinking seems to of gotten the best of Taylor after stealing £20,300 from an elderly neighbor.

The 58 year old woman of Hornby Grove, Leigh ran errands for the victim, Elizabeth Bailey using her credit card for her own personal gain.

The Liverpool Crown Court listened to testimony from the prosecutor, Harry Pepper who claims that Taylor had actually stolen only £11,670 of the £20,300. Taylor did use part of the money legitimately and partly for non-legitimate purposes.

The court heard the case and the reason for her deception was to feed her bingo gambling habit and spent large amounts of the cash at bingo halls.

Taylor pled guilty and Judge Clifton let her out on bail until a pre-sentence report could be prepared by January 5. The judge did warn her “stealing in this way is generally punished by immediate imprisonment.

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