Bingo Player Removed from Bingo Hall for Tourette's Syndrome Related Outbursts

Bingo Player Removed from Bingo Hall for Tourette's Syndrome Related Outbursts

Written by: Glo Wood on 30/08/2014 19:30

A bingo player, Louis Bunn, was banned from Leo Leisure Bingo in East Sussex due to outbursts caused by Tourette's syndrome.

The 23-year-old was removed and banned from reentry. The bingo hall staff thought he was intentionally disturbing others with his involuntary tics, shouting and swearing.

Bunn said: “A member of staff was very disrespectful to me and this made my tics worse.

“When I confronted the person I told him I couldn't help it and that I was being discriminated against.

“As the night went on, the staff working the bingo made a few remarks on the microphone regarding my Tourette's and I felt like I was being singled out."

Peter Brown, the bingo hall owner, maintains that he made the right decision saying that Bunn had 'sworn and spat at' him.

Brown said: “I am aware of his condition and have never had a problem with it in any way.

“I've spoken to other people to make them aware of his condition and told them that he was a nice person.
“But we'd had a complaint in that week that he had jumped out of his seat and got very aggressive towards an old lady.

“I told him he was welcome to continue playing but we would not accept him being aggressive to customers.

“He was aggressive to me, my female members of staff and I was sworn and spat at. I've never been spoken to like that.”


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