Bingo Player Loses and Commits Suicide

Bingo Player Loses and Commits Suicide

Written by: ava carson on 07/06/2012 09:50

Shiela Cano, a 25 year old from the village of Barangay Commonwealth, Quezon City took her own life on Tuesday afternoon following an argument with her mate over losing P20,000 in a bingo game.

Sheila took a revolver to her head and left a letter asking her mate Daria and children to forgive her. However Dari told the authorities that there was no weapons in the home and doesn’t know where the gun came from.

Together the couple owned a fish stall at the Commonwealth Market where Shiela had apparently gambling the money that goes to the fish supplier and the rent on their home according to Daria.

Sunday evening she went to a neighborhood home where people play bingo and never returned home. Daria sent their son to find her and when he returned said his mother refused to come home with him.

Daria went to get Shiela himself and an argument ensued after she confessed she gambled the P20,000 set aside for the bills due. Daria then returned home alone and on Tuesday the victim came back and locked herself inside their room.

Later that afternoon a loud bang was heard coming from the locked room and Daria found the victim lying on the floor in a pool of blood from her temple.

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