Bingo Player Bounced at BJ’s Bingo Hall

Bingo Player Bounced at BJ’s Bingo Hall

Written by: ava carson on 10/03/2014 16:30

Bingo balls weren’t the only thing bouncing at BJ’s in Kitts Green. Gerard Merry was bounced after repeated complaints about his ear piercing wolf-whistles. Oh good heavens, not “legs 11” was the dreaded call for players because that meant the shrill of the wolf whistle from Gerard.

The less than pleasant sound was like nails on a chalkboard as players could no longer grin and bear it. But the straw that broke the camel’s back came when the noisy player shouted “stuff it” after “57” was called and he missed his high hopes for a Full House win.

Management at BJ’s banned Gerard for 28 days only to extend it longer after he was not being cooperative to leave and became abusive. He was escorted out of the hall by police and wasn’t exactly whistling Dixie on the way out.

The disabled player suffering from cerebral palsy received no support from his mother who stood behind the bingo club’s stance to give him the old heave-ho commenting:

“They were right to do what they did. I know what he’s like. I have told him myself, you can’t do that. He used bad language and I don’t approve of that.”

The 47 year old Gerard plays bingo 4 times a week at the club and has been warned more than once by fellow players about his thunderous whistle.

“Everyone whistles when number 11 comes out, Gerard said in his defense. “I’m just having the banter. I don’t know why they singled me out.

“To start with, they said it’s a private club and they didn’t have to give a reason for barring me.

"To be honest, I did argue and refuse to leave, which was wrong, but I was exasperated. I did get a bit upset. I certainly wasn’t aggressive.”


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