Bingo on the Box presents: Cookie Jar Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/01/2010 19:00

Bingo on the Box is an extraordinarily popular online bingo site with a particular love of Wednesdays. This otherwise dull middle day of the week has been Bingo on the Box’s chosen day for exciting promotions for some time now, and this Wednesday 13th January is no different.

The Cookie Jar game is the cheekiest game in town, where online bingo fans can win a whole jar full of exciting bonus prizes!

How to play the Cookie Jar game
It’s very simple to play, and it’s sort of like ‘pass the parcel’ – but with bingo! Every hour, some special bingo games are played. The winner of each game will receive the coveted Cookie Jar from the Chat Host, but they have to pass it on to the next winner in the following game. And, if you leave the game, you will forfeit the Cookie Jar to the next game’s winner.

The lucky player holding the Cookie Jar at the end of the hour will win it, and will be very surprised to learn that it is not full of delicious biscuits, but with an equally yummy £25 in Bingo Bonus money (BBz) instead! This means you will have 25 whole pounds worth of free bingo games to get your teeth into – much better for you and your bank balance than cookies!

Available at Bingo on the Box on Wednesday 13th January.

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