Bingo Manager Steals £100,000

Bingo Manager Steals £100,000

Written by: ava carson on 17/12/2013 16:10

No one ever suspected Tracey Harland, a trusted manager at Newcastle Bingo was bilking the hall out £500 a week over a four year period.

By the time the family owned Orion Bingo hall in Westerhope caught up to her antics she had already stole more than £100,000.

The 41 year old worked at for Newcastle Bingo hall since 2006 and was considered a trusted employee for the company when hired for this management position.

An audit was conducted earlier in the year and the owner noticed profits were low. When questioning Harland about it, she confessed.

Harland plead guilty to theft and sent to Newcastle Crown Court. The prosecuting attorney Paul Rowland said:

“She had sole responsibility for dealing with financial matters within the bingo hall.

“It’s fair to say the owner of the family business had complete trust in her.”

Rowland also said: “It was estimated that in total, going back to April 2008, the amount of loss was £104,516, which had been taken unlawfully from the business.

“It escalated between April 2012 and April this year, when £35,000 was taken.

“This was achieved by the amounts being recorded as winnings being grossly inflated. Winning customers were given the correct amount but the defendant would pocket the rest of the grossly inflated figure in cash.”

The married mother of two claimed she spent the money on food, taxis and trips to the hospital after taking care of her 12 year old daughter diagnosed with cancer.

Harland has been sentenced to a four year term in prison.

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