Bingo Magix ‘Bounty-Full Harvest’ deposit bonus specials

Written by: Jeannie on 01/09/2010 20:05
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Bingo Magix is sick of moping about the end of summer, so is embracing the upcoming autumn season instead! The natural beauty of this time of year is more than enough to cheer you up, but what about some online bingo and deposit bonus offers thrown in for good measure!

To celebrate the season, Bingo Magix is offering players the chance to earn themselves one of six ‘Bounty Full Harvest’ festival themed deposit bonuses.

These include:

• Wheat – Deposit between £10 and £19 and earn a 150% flat bonus
• Corn – Deposit between £20 and £29 to earn a 250% flat bonus
• Cherry – Deposit between £30 and £39 to earn a 300% flat bonus
• Grape – Deposit between £40 and £49 to earn a 300% flat bonus and 20% cash back
• Apple - Deposit between £50 and £99 to earn a 325% flat bonus and 30% cash back
• Strawberry – Deposit £100 or more to earn a 350% flat bonus and 50% cash back

To earn any of these fantastic bonuses, you will first need to be a registered Bingo Magix member. If you haven’t signed up already, do it as soon as you can to ensure that you get as much mileage (and free bingo cash) out of this exciting monthly promotion as possible!

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