Bingo like Noah's Ark

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 13/08/2009 16:00
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Lately, we have been hearing a lot of great promotions from the popular online bingo site, Crown Bingo. This UK site has a lot on its plate right now. It truly is a busy month of August for Crown Bingo, what with all the promotions to be had. There are tons of prizes and jackpots to be won making this bingo site like Noah’s Ark. It truly feels like it.

It’s like Noah’s Ark with all the huge jackpots being given away at Crown Bingo this month. In fact, a lot of the promotions are named after animals. Thus, bingo insiders and reporters are calling Crown Bingo as Noah’s Ark this month of August. Well, we’ve got proof on why it’s like Noah’s Ark. Just take a look at the great promotions and you’ll understand why. Let’s take a look, shall we?

One of the great promotions named after animals is the Cash Cow. Crown Bingo is indeed like a Cash Cow with the big jackpots they are giving away. The rooms 1 and 2 are the rooms where you can find the big jackpot amounting to a whopping fifteen thousand pounds! So what do you need to take home that huge cash? You just have to play bingo in those two rooms and get a full house. Just make sure to win the full house in under thirty four calls. And if you do, you will end up fifteen thousand pounds richer! Now who doesn’t want such a life-changing jackpot! It’s like more than half a year’s salary already!

Now the Noah’s Ark promotions don’t stop from there. Crown Bingo is also holding another promotion called the Piggy Bank. You can win one thousand pounds by getting a full house under forty balls. You can play this promotion also at rooms 1 and 2. This jackpot though will continue to grow until someone wins the jackpot. So you better watch out for this offer!

Last but not the least, another promotion named after an animal is the Cheetah Jackpot. You can find this offer in room 3 where you can win one thousand five hundred pounds. This is the fastest bingo game. You literally have to be fast with the numbers because the bingo numbers are being called once a second. The Cheetah games are usually over in two minutes. Now isn’t that exciting?

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