Bingo Jackpot Case Costs Man £55,000 In Court Fees

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/08/2010 10:40

A man has been ordered to pay £55,000 of court fees after the judge declared that the case should never have even made it to court. The man, Malcolm Beresford, was contesting the fact that his deceased mother’s friend had agreed to pay half of any winnings to his mother and with both women now deceased, Mr Beresford believed that half of the winnings should be given to him. Mr Beresford’s case hinged on a Gala Bingo press release and subsequent newspaper article written about the press release.

Mr Beresford’s mother Shelagh and her friend Sally Bennett had apparently agreed to share any of their winnings with one another and Ms Bennett won the £101,000 national jackpot not much longer after that. Not having spent any of the money both women died within weeks of one another and Mr Beresford believed that he should be due half of the money as part of the agreement between his mother and Ms Bennett.

However, the judge decided that the word of Ms Bennett’s family was more reliable because they had considerably more contact with their mother than Mr Beresford had had with his. During the case, the judge did acknowledge the existence of the newspaper report which had been written based on a Gala press release but said that it was little more than an informal agreement.

The judge agreed with Ms Bennett’s family when they said that Mrs Beresford had told her friend to keep the money because it would be better spent on her grandchildren. The judge ordered Mr Beresford to pay a portion of the defendant’s legal costs as well as his own totalling £55,000. He has said that he will now have to sell his house to make the payment.

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