Bingo is opposed by residents of Barangay Pico:

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 12/03/2008 18:00

The Bingo Socials and Rides that was proposed by the La Trinidad Municipal Council during a mini-carnival in Barangay Pico have been revoked by 62 villagers. This carnival was proposed to run for three months in the town and according to the villagers, the bingo games would destroy the morality of the people, and not preserve.

The mayor and Municipal Council received copies of the petition, which also asked for the removal of structures which were already set on the carnival site. This is because the villagers want the carnival to move to an area which would not disturb people.

The petitioners stated that the bingo games would disturb the present peace and order, sanitation and health of the village. It would also induce inconvenience and nuisances to the residents of the village.

However the municipal council has refused to endorse this petition saying that it would create social problems in the area. The Barangay officials however have requested a reconsideration of the proposal stating that the bingo games would not disturb peace and order or disturb schooling as it would be held after class yours. Moreover, no form of illegal gambling would be tolerated in the area, as agreed between operators and officials.

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