Bingo in a Traditional Bingo Hall

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 27/09/2007 09:00

It’s no longer just a game for blue-haired grannies and their good luck charms. What am I talking about? Bingo of course! The traditional game has made a killer comeback! There’s an abundance of new venues in which to play the old time honored game of bingo now- gone are the days of dingy basements, community halls and if you think that you’re just going to compete with a pre-retirement crowd of old folks- then you’d better have a look around you! Bingo has evolved!  

There’s a new and exciting distinctive atmosphere, lots of gimmicky glitzy fun prizes as well as bottles of alcohol on offer and cold hard cash is still a favorite- and the chance to yell the word BINGO as loud as you like! If you win, that is! These new bingo venues, like pubs, clubs and such let you play bingo for free. It’s your continual downing of drinks that keep these business owners happy, and the more people playing bingo in their venue- the happier they are! So the drinks, nibbles and smokes will cost you, but playing bingo is often free everywhere.  

Of course there are still the old fashioned more traditional options available like the local community or church hall in which to play bingo. A word of warning though, if you are new to the game the speed and efficiency that some of those infamous blue-haired grannies operate will drop you to your knees in awe! They are that good and they effortlessly scan up to ten or more game cards at once. As a new player on the field, I can’t even manage three without getting the proverbial fingers to the lips from these well seasoned players signaling me to be quiet! “Shhh- shhh” they hiss at me! Bingo is a game in which players can relax, have fun and make lots of new friends through the social contact that regularly playing the game encourages. Literally millions of people are being introduced to bingo through the relatively new medium of online bingo. Let’s see why bingo - both traditional and online is so popular with people of all ages throughout the entire world. 

The biggest and most important factor that makes bingo so popular is the social side of the game.  It brings countless people together every single day within local communities to make friends, socialize and enjoy a game they all know and love.  Many people still prefer traditional bingo halls because they are unfamiliar with the internet and find it intimidating so they prefer to walk to their local traditional bingo halls and play the game that way. Bingo has been part of people’s lives for many centuries dating back to1779 by Edwin Lowe. He first spotted the game being played at a carnival in
America and upon returning home played the game with a few friends. The rest is history as bingo was then officially introduced to the rest of the world.

Most bingo halls charge an entry to the game fee and a fee per game played to each player from which all of the winnings are collected. Then it’s all eyes down as the game starts and the numbers are called one by one. Suddenly, the tranquil silence of the room explodes with a single shout of BINGO! The winner walks off with the amount accumulated at the end of the game. It’s really a very simple idea and it is the simplicity of the game coupled with the social aspect that attracts players and keeps them playing. When playing bingo in a traditional bingo hall there is a one on one- face to face contact that creates and bonds people together. It is formed when they first join a group such as bingo and nurtured through the regular meetings and games played together. Many elderly people have certainly met their closest and oldest friends in bingo halls. 

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