Bingo Hollywood Beverly Hills Lotto

Bingo Hollywood Beverly Hills Lotto

Written by: Jeannie on 11/03/2011 19:55
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The month of March looks like being a good time to put on your best jewellery, slap on some fake tan and get yourself down to Bingo Hollywood to try out the Beverley Hills Lotto.

Play with the Stars....

This great new game is going to be taking place every Friday during March at 7.30pm in the Beverley Hills Room. The rules are very simple. Firstly you need to have made a deposit to your account in the last week. Next you need to buy tickets for bingo game at 7.30pm on Friday and be in the room as it starts. Then you just have to match a minimum of 3 of the first 15 numbers which come up in the 7.30pm game on the Bingo Hollywood site using the 6 numbers which you chose earlier in the day.

Regarding these 6 numbers, in order to take part in this fun lotto you also need to pick 6 numbers between 1 and 75 and email them to the people at Bingo Hollywood before midday every Friday, including your username on the message.

The prizes are as follows; 3 numbers matched = 1,000 Sps (Star Points). 4 numbers matched = 5,000 Sps. 5 numbers matches = 10,000 Sps. If you manage to get all 6 numbers then you get a whopping 30,000 Sps. There is also a rollover aspect to the jackpot, with 5,000 extra Sps added every week, when it wasn’t won the previous Friday.

Apart from this top promotion there are plenty of other reasons for visiting the Bingo Hollywood site and taking part in their games. New members get an amazing 300% welcome bonus, so putting down a tenner gives you a cracking £40 to get started with.

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