Bingo Hall or Boxing Ring?

Bingo Hall or Boxing Ring?

Written by: Glo Wood on 07/03/2013 20:25

Was it a bingo hall or a boxing ring? Last weekend sparks flew at Riva Bingo in the UK.

An 80-year-old bingo player was waiting in a queue for her lunch at Riva Bingo last Sunday, March 3rd. Behind her was a 72-year-old bingo player that was seemingly in a hurry rushing her along.

Before you knew it, the police were involved and the 72-year-old had called the 80-year-old a "stupid old woman". What a world!

There were no names released so we’ll refer to her as the older player. The older player was not having any of her rubbish and police say she reacted with a "mouthful of abuse".

Apparently the” mouthful of abuse” wasn’t enough because the older player ends up punching the younger player in the face! The younger player suffered some bruising as a result of being struck in the face. While this was going on, staff continued to serve lunch in the bingo hall.

Officers from Sutton Town Centre team cautioned the older player for assault but will not be taking the incident any further.

Lesson? Get a seat next to the café for a front row seat. What’s in that food anyway?

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