Bingo Hall hit by swine flu?

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 22/06/2009 08:45

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been such media hype with the swine flu virus. The world had feared especially for their kids. It became widespread and has now been classified from a Phase 5 to Phase 6 by the World Health Organization or WHO. So how does this affect the bingo industry?

When news broke out about the swine flu, we know for sure that the gathering of crowds will be the first to be avoided. Schools were shut down for a couple of weeks. It was highly recommended to avoid public areas for awhile just to prevent the spread of the virus. Bingo halls are also places where you get to see a lot of people and so it was pretty obvious that the government will ask establishments such as these to close until the ban is lifted. The closure of bingo halls weren’t limited to a certain area. Since there were several cases of swine flu that have been reported across the globe, bingo hall suspensions were world wide as well.

Last month, the bingo halls in Mexico were among the first ones to close down temporarily due to the swine flu. After all, it was in Mexico where the swine flu first originated. There wasn’t a time frame on how long those bingo halls will be closed. However, even after the ban was lifted, there were only a select few going to the bingo halls to play bingo. Swine flu really did affect the bingo industry and has hit bingo industry really hard too.

Right now, the world is hoping to stop the spread of the virus. That’s why a lot of effort is being put in order to stop and prevent the disease. Social and public gatherings are not recommended this time. If you are sick, better stay at home and rest. Or you can simply play your favorite fame of bingo online.

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