Bingo Gran Thanks Mystery Good Samaritans

Bingo Gran Thanks Mystery Good Samaritans

Written by: Glo Wood on 09/03/2012 11:50

On a walk home with her friends from bingo, 89-year-old Laura Dykes, from Swanwick, tripped on the curb and fell. It was approximately 9pm on a chilly February evening and Dykes was in need of emergency treatment. A group of nearby neighbors came to her rescue and called for emergency services and Dykes was whisked off to the hospital.

“All these people came to help, there was quite a few young men there. They took their coats off and kept me warm and helped prop me up where I was on the pavement there. Nearly all of them called for the ambulance. They kept calling because it was nearly an hour and 20 minutes before it came.”

The neighborhood folks stayed with Dykes waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Her friends would have struggled to assist her alone so it was welcomed help from strangers.

Aside from a few wounds, Dykes was safe and sound. She said the experience would have been much more difficult had it not been for the kindness of the mystery good samaritans. Not knowing how to find them or where they were from, she passed on her sincere thanks to them.

“As an 89-year-old, the experience of waiting over an hour for the ambulance to arrive was quite disturbing.” She said. “However the comforting words, hot water bottles and jackets provided by complete strangers were most comforting. Such gestures should give us all hope for society in general.”

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