Bingo Fight Between Two Players

Bingo Fight Between Two Players

Written by: ava carson on 01/04/2013 17:45

What should have been a fun night at bingo turned out to be a brawl. At a sheltered housing block playing bingo got two pensioners in a heated argument. The two women who are believed to be in their 60’s began fighting when one of them yelled “House” too early.

Things got out of hand and the police were called in to handle the situation Greasbrough near Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

A tenancy warning was issued by the Rotherham Borough Council to one of the women involved. South Yorkshire Police PCSO Simon Ellis said:

“We spoke to both parties and gave them advice. We just said they can't be acting like that and one of them will be getting a warning from the council.”

Taken by surprise at the age of these mature ladies acting out of control was the officers’ first impression when arriving on the scene.

PCSO Ellis said: 'They didn't want her arrested. I think it was just the shock of what had happened more than anything.

"The housing officer there didn't over-react, she wasn't really sure what to do in that situation.

It was one of the first calls of our evening shift and it's definitely not the usual type of call we get.

A council spokesman said: 'We have given one woman a tenancy warning about her future conduct."

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by: one2go over 10 years ago
That was seriously hilarious!