Bingo Diva Fashion

Bingo Diva Fashion

Written by: ava carson on 21/01/2012 14:00

High fashion is priority for the bingo diva. Bingo wins are spent on our second favorite pastime, shopping. Finding the right apparel takes time to look like the sexy damsel you really are.

Showing off your bingo side in fashion is no easy quest. It’s not like you can go to the department store and purchase clothing with bingo flair. The web has small novelty items that are more trinkets or shirts with the word “bingo” across it. A nice bingo cup to put your coffee in might be nice while playing online bingo, but none of this is represents the flirtatious side.

Right when you are about to give up all hope of ever being bingo fashion diva, lo and behold there it is. Bingo tights, yes bingo tights for sexy looking gams available through Amazon and other internet stores. You’ll be the talk uptown, bottom of town and all around town in a look that say yes I am the bingo fashion queen bee.

Walk into your local bingo hall wearing these hot tights and players may find themselves daubing Legs 11 on their bingo cards. Hit the dance floor in the night club and other bingo enthusiasts will be green with envy.

While some girls wouldn’t be caught dead in them and the fashion police might want to handcuff you and haul you away, they are definitely meant for the passionate bingo player. Only one bingo lover to another could appreciate bingo tights.

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by: one2go over 10 years ago
I am loving those leggings!