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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 23/11/2010 12:00
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If there’s one thing that people dislike more than anything in the world it’s paying bills, water bills, gas bills and electricity bills – the main reason it’s because you don’t actually get anything ‘real’ for your money. We all know it’s an essential part of living but wouldn’t it be nice if just one someone else would pay the bills? Well Bingo Cove does just that every month of the year and the best part is you could get your bills paid by playing bingo.

It’s all about patterns

Every time a player buys a ticket for a ‘water’, ‘gas’ or ‘electricity’ pattern game they are given one raffle ticket into a draw at the end of the month. If you are lucky enough to win that game you are given an extra ticket into the draw (as well as the prize for that game).

Once the month has closed Bingo Cove put all the tickets into a hat and draw out three lucky players names. One player gets their water bill paid, one gets their gas bill paid and the final one gets their electricity bill paid. The winners simply send in the previous month’s utility bill into bingo cove and they will issue payment back to you.


Isn’t it great when bingo pays the bills, good luck and remember that every new player receives 20 bingo cards when they join free at Bingo Cove plus a 100% match on their first deposit.


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