Bingo Cheers Still Up to Old Tricks

Bingo Cheers Still Up to Old Tricks

Written by: Glo Wood on 19/10/2012 21:25
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Earlier this year, we saw Bingo Castle transform into Bingo Cheers and they are still up to their old tricks. Rebranding was a sneaky move on their behalf considering they ran away with the profits from the Bingo Castle name and attempted to re-launch passing themselves off as a brand new site. Launching with a new name and a completely new website was a nice try but Bingo Cheers, you haven’t fooled anyone. You’ve been found out.

Bingo Cheers basically tried to pull a fast one on players and affiliates leading us to believe that they took over Bingo Castle and intended to clean things up. It turns out they are the same old operators with the same old shady way of conducting a business.

The owner is Kaemon Technologies Ltd and the list of complaints goes on and on. Players and affiliates are not being paid. They don’t play fair when it comes to meeting their responsibilities. They expect free advertising and expect players to deposit their money only to be given the run around when they attempt to withdraw. Even the loyalty program is a sham. They offer vouchers as players move through the levels but they never receive them.

Let’s review a few of their withdrawal terms.

“Withdrawal requests are processed twice a week i.e. Wednesdays & Saturdays. Please make sure you raise a request before 10 AM GMT, failing which, the requests will be processed on the next processing day.” This is one of the most stringent rules we’ve seen on a bingo site. It doesn’t leave much room for error. Players feel like it’s a race against the clock; however the truth is you will experience delays even if you follow the terms to the letter.

“Maximum of £1000 can be withdrawn per week. Higher withdrawal amount are subject to a longer processing period.” Typo aside, how much longer can you get than processing withdrawals twice per week? £1000 is ridiculously low. The current progressive slots jackpot is over £31000 so with these rules you may be waiting an eternity to be paid if you’re lucky enough to win it.

It’s been months since they changed their name and no improvements have been made. The scam Bingo Cheers has concocted is not fooling us here at Bingo Reviewer and it’s our responsibility to inform our readers. Avoid falling prey to their poor business practices.

There are plenty of fabulous bingo sites out there without risking it at Bingo Cheers. Heed our warnings and avoid them like a bad prawn.

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