Bingo Castle Is Now Bingo Cheers

Bingo Castle Is Now Bingo Cheers

Written by: Glo Wood on 16/05/2012 14:00
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Our Bingo Castle in the sky has undergone a major change. Luckily, the change is only in the name and your accounts are not affected. Login details remain the same as well as account balances. When loading the Bingo Castle homepage you will find that you are redirected to Bingo Cheers. This won’t be the case for long.

Here’s a statement posted on the website from Bingo Cheers:

“Site name will change"

"We would like to inform that going further Bingo Castle (www.bingocastle.co.uk) will be known as Bingo Cheers (www.bingocheers.co.uk). Till 18th May 2012, www.bingocastle.co.uk URL will be re-directed to www.bingocheers.co.uk. However you can still login with your existing user name and passwords, there will be no change in terms of games, promotional offers, rules & regulations, banking & withdrawal options. The entire site will remain the same, except the change in the website name and URL.

We request you to add the new URL i.e. www.bingocheers.co.uk to your favourites & the support email id i.e. support@bingocheers.co.uk to your contact list so that you can receive all our further communication directly to your mailbox.

There had been a recent acquisition done by the company which resulted in the change of the name. Therefore, going further Bingo Castle will be called as Bingo Cheers.”

Check out the new Bingo Cheers and enjoy!

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