Bingo Cards And The Man Who Made It Happen

Bingo Cards And The Man Who Made It Happen

Written by: ava carson on 29/11/2011 21:35

The game of bingo wouldn’t exist if it were not for someone like Frank Cronin dubbed the “King of Bingo”. He seized the moment and built an empire producing bingo cards by the masses.

It was back in the 1950’s when poodle skirts, cigarette packs rolled up in white tee shirt sleeves, rock n roll and the era of the teeny bopper was born. For Frank, it all began while working in a family owned printing shop when a local priest placed an order for bingo cards.

It was that order which got him to thinking of a potential demand for bingo cards. The printing company began to produce bingo cards on grand scale and before long he had amassed a large clientele.

His business venture expanded to the United Kingdom at a time when bingo was a phenomenon. His now small family owned company of 12 workers in 1959 grew to 300 employees by 1965. By 1966 a staggering 50 million bingo cards were bringing printed per week.

As the King of rock n roll, Elvis Presley was captivating the world with a new sound; the King of Bingo was making his own mark on the bingo audience.

Frank tells his story in a new book, Good With Numbers.

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