Bingo Caller Commits Disability Fraud

Bingo Caller Commits Disability Fraud

Written by: ava carson on 23/04/2012 16:10

A woman from EBBW Vale fraudulently claimed over £60,000 in disability benefits while working as a bingo caller.
Sophe Stefferson, 58, said she was not able to work and needed someone to regularly look in on her received £60,637.39 in disability benefits over eight years.

Stefferson falsely claimed £17,976.25 in disability from July 18, 2001 to August 25, 2009 and was granted the highest rate allowable.

She said she regularly suffered with asthma attacks, the reason she was unable to work. Yet she was employed at Top Ten Bingo club in Ebbw Vale since February 2001.

Prosecuting, Nuhu Gobir, said the bingo caller’s duties included: preparing sandwiches, grocery shopping and bar work.

In interviews in 2009 Stefferson admitted she committed fraud and she wanted to tell the authorities but "could not pluck up the courage." As of to date she has only paid back £541.06 in disability benefits.

Defending Stefferson, Lawrence Jones, in her defense said she suffers from emphysema and has not used the money for a high living lifestyle, but had used the money to make ends meet.

Sentencing Stefferson to eight months in prison, Mr Recorder David Miller said: "You had eight long years to show your remorse and you didn't. It only stopped when you were caught."

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