Bingo Caller Assaults Player

Bingo Caller Assaults Player

Written by: Glo Wood on 07/02/2014 20:40

A bingo caller in Wales ended up before town magistrates on assault charges after an altercation with a player claiming he was calling out the number too quickly.

Andrew Peter Howell, 46, plead guilty to the assault of Rachel Jessica Morrison.

Prosecutor Ellie Morgan said: “The defendant had been the bingo caller on the night when Rachel Morrison asked him to slow down reading the numbers as her mother was having trouble keeping up with the game.

“He ignored her and kept calling the numbers.”

“After the game, Rachel Morrison was outside having a cigarette when she saw the defendant and when she approached him she became verbally aggressive.

“He gripped her arm and then his mum came over and had a go verbally was finger pointing. Her arm was then gripped for a second time by the defendant.

“Following this Rachel Morrison’s mum came out of the club and managed to calm the situation down.”

Defence solicitor Andrew Isaac said Howell had not approached Ms Morrison outside the club and described it as a “silly” issue, adding: “My client was the bingo caller and had taken his aging mother to whom is the sole carer.

“Had she not approached him this silly issue would not have happened.

“She was verbally abusive and so as the complainant is not without fault.

“What he did was as a result of provocation over the complainant being unhappy about thinking the bingo numbers being called too fast.”

Howell was fined £40 for the common assault, £85 court costs and required to pay Morrison £50 in compensation.

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