Bingo Café Halloween Witches Brew competition

Written by: Jeannie on 06/10/2010 20:05
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Bingo Café is challenging all of the site’s most dedicated online bingo players to take part in a special Halloween competition, where concocting the ultimate Witches Brew will earn you a share of the huge monthly prize pot.

How to play

The challenge in Bingo Café October competition for is to collect all of the lucky numbers, each relating to a spooky and frankly icky ingredient in their Halloween Witches Brew. You will need to collect:

• 2 (eyes of newt)
• 13 (goblin’s toenails)
• 24 (jack-o-lanterns)
• 27 (vampire teeth)
• 34 (cat’s tails)
• 38 (bat wings)
• 49 (wolf hairs)
• 57 (spider legs)
• 62 (drops of blood)
• 71 (pumpkin seeds)

To collect all ten of these, you will need to bingo on each of the numbers during bingo games and then claim them with a chat moderator (CM). It’s a tall order, but with a whole month to play in, we believe you can do it!

Once you’ve got all the lucky numbers and the winning combination of nasty Halloween ingredients, the Witches Brew will be complete and you will earn you a guaranteed share of the mystery prize pot.

This will be shared out between all competition winners on November 1st, so that’ll be a nice treat to help you recover from the Halloween madness the night before!

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