Bingo Bytes £5,000 Halloween and Music Inspired Team Bingo

Bingo Bytes £5,000 Halloween and Music Inspired Team Bingo

Written by: Richard Sharp on 09/10/2011 08:30
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Bingo Bytes is treating their players to a month of themed team bingo throughout October. This month they have chosen musically themed team names and although the principle of team bingo remains the same the prizes have certainly been given a boost. This month Bingo Bytes will giveaway £5,000 worth of bonus bucks to their players!


Musical Halloween Competition

As with other months players must opt in to be allocated a team. This month the teams are named after bands. You’ll be placed in one of these teams:

  • West Life
  • BoyZone
  • Backstreet Boys
  • Stereophonics
  • The Beatles

We’re not sure how the Halloween part relates to the bands chosen for the five team names. They certainly don’t relate, although the time of year does so we guess it remains relevant (some of the bands have had some horrors too, lol).

Once you have been allocated a team you’ll be able to contribute points to your team every time you win a game of bingo. Likewise, your teammates will contribute points every time they bingo too. The team with the largest number of points at the end of the week, or month, will win a share of the prize money.


There are two prize funds this month, a weekly prize and a monthly one. Every week the top team will equally share £500 in bonus bucks whereas the team with the most points at the end of the month will win a share of £5,000 BP’s!

The promo runs from the 1st October until the 31st, you can join in at any time too. 

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