Bingo Bud's Birthday Bonanza at Bingo Fabulous

Bingo Bud's Birthday Bonanza at Bingo Fabulous

Written by: kelly on 27/02/2011 19:35
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Today is the last day of the special promotion on the Bingo Fabulous site to help the Bingo Bud character celebrate his birthday.

A Big Bonus Offer

Tonight (Sunday) at 12 midnight the big deposit bonus deal at Bingo Fabulous finishes up. To help the Bingo Bud character enjoy a cracking birthday they have been giving top bonuses all weekend and today’s is a 70% top up on any deposit made between £10 and £100 on the site.

How Old is Bingo Bud Anyway?

If you haven’t come across Bingo Bud yet then he is a character who pops in and out of the Bingo Fabulous chat rooms to talk to the players. A fun competition which is on the go at the moment is one in which you get to guess the age of Bingo Bud. The 5 winners pick up £32 each (is the prize amount a clue we wonder).

If you haven’t yet joined the site then before midnight tonight is a good time to do so. The usual 100% welcome bonus is extremely generous, but now it has been inflated with a lovely little 20 quid on top of the 100%. This applies to first deposits between a tenner and a hundred pounds if you use the code Bud32.

This weekend on Bingo Fabulous has also been about sending virtual gifts and spending loyalty points in order to be the top player on the site in this respect and getting back double what you spend.


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