Bingo Application for Parents

Bingo Application for Parents

Written by: ava carson on 06/02/2012 13:25

While you are off playing bingo there are those moments where your wee little ones are off making family history. Memories are what family ties are all about and now there is an application from iTunes that captures it all.

Share all the magical highlights with your friends including those times when their halo is a bit crooked and they get in some mischievous trouble.

Share the humorous times that will cause a chuckle as parents share them with Facebook and Twitter and earn points along the way. Parent Bingo is a fun application that is full of playful and funny experiences that every parent goes through at one time or another.

Parents will receive a Baby Bingo Card that will be marked off with every special event including baby’s first words, first steps and everything in between. Additional cards will soon be available covering toddlers, pre-school and the first day of school.

The new iTunes application can be purchased for £0.69 and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Bingo has just expanded to new heights and bingo fans will delight in filling up their bingo cards in a personalized journey through their children’s life.

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