Bingo and the Bully

Bingo and the Bully

Written by: ava carson on 31/01/2012 03:10

There are two types of bingo players, the ones that lose gracefully and one who doesn’t. Losing and taking it on the chin is the mature way to handle it. The loser on the other hand makes no bones about it that they are not too happy.

We learn as kids not to throw a temper tantrum as we are patted on the back and gently reminded there is always next time by our parents. But there is always one in every bunch that ends up in the principal’s office for being the bully on the playground. What erupts these little fits of anger, losing. Coming in second in a relay race, not winning the spelling bee, a lower grade on an exam than the boy who sits in front of you in class and a whole host of other reasons bring out the poor sport.

As an adult the games differ and gamblers in particular love a good game of skill and chance and being defeated is not an option that is relished. But it is the spit fire personality that gives the sore loser certain spunk and a certain character. Of course this someone who is not extreme when it comes to losing rather someone who gets how shall I say a bit cranky? They are reacting the way every other loser is secretly feeling. There is a strong passion and a competitive edge that drives the loser.

Bingo players are no exception to the rule for getting roweled when they don’t win. And they are everywhere, online bingo, local bingo halls and at home in a good old fashion bingo game with their neighbors. Playing across a bingo table with players who are animated when narrowly missing a bingo are loads more fun than someone who yawns, shrugs their shoulders and says “oh well”.

It’s perfectly alright to express some disappointment as long as it’s done in a sore loser type dignity. Next time someone takes a bingo away from you, go ahead say it……..Oh jeepers, what a creepers!

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