Bingo – Everybody’s Best Friend

Bingo – Everybody’s Best Friend

Written by: ava carson on 19/09/2012 19:10

It is not about another bingo jackpot, promotion or full house win. Although playing bingo is an important fun element of our community, this Bingo news story holds something much more sentimental and dear to our hearts.

Bingo was a specially trained dog for a Manitoba boy named Cole who suffered from life threatening seizures. A Jack Russel Terrier angel who saved the boy’s life on several occasions was euthanized recently at the age of 14 due to canine dementia.

She stood by Cole’s side since 2005 was trained to bark loudly to alert his parents when he stopped breathing due to sleep apnea.

"Bingo will go to heaven on a marshmallow cloud that will have a chocolate water slide for dogs," Cole Hein, 11, said in a written statement Wednesday.

"Bingo will ask God if he could help the dogs on Earth more by helping dogs living in pounds, shelters (and) rescue groups get good homes with loving new moms and dads and children, who will love them as much as I love Bingo."

The story went viral when it was first published giving the boy’s account of a bucket list he created for his dog referring it to the “lick-it” list asking people from around the world to send dog treats for his beloved Bingo.

It was featured in People Magazine where Cesar Millan dubbed the “Dog Whisperer” saw it and established a fund in Bingo’s name to aide abused and abandoned dogs.

"Although it is a tremendously difficult time for us, Cesar Millan has made everything easier through the support of the Cesar Millan Foundation and by even taking the time to reach out directly to Cole via phone," said Cole’s mom Mandi Hein.

"Cesar's words have given us the strength to help get through (a) difficult time."

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