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Written by: kelly on 12/05/2010 18:05
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There are plenty of additional opportunities at Mirror Bingo to big up your bonuses and these opportunities should be taken advantage of; they offer a number of ways for members to claim free bingo. Bonus Points; more commonly known as BP’s can be exchanged for extra cards and 1000 BP’s buys you ten 10p cards.

BP’s can be earned by playing in chat games, tournaments and team bingo as well as if the site is offering specials. But every single weekday and weekend there is ample ways of bigging up your bonuses. Weekly specials include keeping an eye on the MIRROR. We are not referring to being narcissistic, just watching out for the letter patterns “M I R R O R” in the 75 ball bingo room. Each time you do and you bingo on these letters you earn an additional 2 000 BP’s. Translate this into bingo tickets and it is twenty x 10p free!

The Mirror is not only a bingo site; it is a daily newspaper, so if you manage to bingo on the date for today or any other relevant day, you will be 2 000 BP’s better off. Just remember every days date is different! Flash your pins in Legs Eleven and win a bundle of BP’s – check it out, 5 000 are up for grabs. If you are a night owl, play in the Midnight Club as they double all BP’s in chat games at Mirror Bingo between the hours of midnight and 3am.

There are also Happy Hours to earn BP’s and Weekend tournaments. These Weekend Tournaments are when the really big BP’s come flooding in. The More You Score and The More you Play sees hundreds of thousands of Bingo Points up for grabs. So make sure you play, and make sure you check out what you are entitled to, the sky is the limit with BP’s at the Mirror Bingo!


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