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Written by: kelly on 22/06/2010 12:05
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There is a reason why Tombola made it to the top of the voters' lists to take first place in the 2010 Best Bingo Site of the year category. This is not only because it is a brilliant site, but it is one of the site where the big winners play. On Monday the 14th of June, another big win in Cinco took place and the £20,000 jackpot winner was ‘emma63’ from Glasgow. This was a perfect win to kick start the £150 000 guaranteed prize week in Cinco, and last week we saw a stack of winners in this promotion.

If you don't know, Tombola Bingo is also the official bingo sponsor of Emmerdale and the new bumpers are up at the site, as well as all over TV. This is season 2 of the "we are Tombola" bumpers and once again members were called upon to appear in these. The bumpers are 5, 10 and 15 seconds long and you can see each of the members who appeared in, as well as the actual bumpers the site. You never know, one of them may just be your next door neighbour. These members were taken away for three days to film the bumpers and it looks like they had an absolute blast, we want to be in the next lot, don't you?

In line with all the 2010 World Cup Football happenings, new fixtures have been added to the great Footy Coupon game playing at Tombola Bingo. This is a regular game; it is quite new and for the time being they will be playing a World Cup edition, so check it out. Lucky Pick is also back till the end of the World Cup and has taken on a football bent too. This is the free game at the site and there is as much as £20 000 a week paid out to winners. If you want to be a winner of up to £500 for free, this is the game to play.


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